Epifection: Beta-testing and Volunteers Needed!

Are you interested in the mystifying world of infections and bugs? Would you like to help out in a project that will be run during the British Science Festival? Or would you like to be a beta-tester now?

Well then you are at the right place and right time…Epifection, an interactive project that will run for the entire British Science Festival is here to give you all the above mentioned opportunities! You can see a teaser trailer that is being shown down on the big screen at Monument here: http://ideastakeflight.org/?p=1087

Now coming down to what the Epifection development team are looking- a group of volunteers to act as “beta-testers” for their interactive interface, that is just for now…they are looking for volunteers too!

As a beta-tester, you do not need to be in Newcastle for this, but you will need internet access via a PC/MAC, ipad/tablet or smartphone. Isn’t that just simple! No commuting guys!

There are also a number of opportunities to gain valuable science communication experience with Epifection during the BSF. They are looking for people to (1) help out at the launch of Epifection, (2) 1 hour LEGO workshops (Sun 8th and Tues 10th Sept), (3) a debate on Mon 9th Sept and (4) the Finale: a survivors party at Tyneside cinema on the 12th Sept. Isn’t that just brilliant!

If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting project as a beta-tester or volunteer, please email epifection@gmail.com by 9th AUGUST stating: (1) if you are available between 12th-23rd August, (2) what smartphone model you use and (3) whether you would like to work with the epifection team during the British Science Festival!



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