Meet the Team

Sadaf Atarod and Sourima Shivhare co-founded the very first postgraduate research community at the Institute of Cellular Medicine (prICM) on 13th March 2013! They met through the ICM student representative position, brainstormed the idea and co-founded prICM overnight…demonstrating that all you need to set up an organization is  perseverance!

Sourima’s research… investigating blood vessel development in the uterus in women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding.

Sadaf’s research…biomarker discovery based project- Identifying a signature list of microRNAs that are significantly deregulated in a severe and fatal complication of bone marrow transplantation.

Since, both co-founders will be submitting their thesis they have handed over prICM to two bright and active first year Ph.D students Kile Green and Marco Silipo.

The co-founders were short-listed for the ncl+ awards 2014 in the peer representation category! They hope that Kile and Marco can receive the award next year!

Left: Sourima  Shivhare Right: Sadaf Atarod

Left: Sourima Shivhare
Right: Sadaf Atarod


Introducing the new committee….

Marco has moved all the way from Italy to pursue his Ph.D degree at ICM, Newcastle University.

His project concerns the study of alternative splicing in breast cancer. Alternative splicing is a co-transcriptional process which contributes to protein diversity in eukaryotes resulting in the production of multiple proteins arising from the same gene. The overall aim of his Ph.D. is to study the different splicing isoforms of the genes involved in breast cancer development and their aggressiveness such as Estrogens and HER2 receptor.

When we asked what he likes to do in his spare time…?

I like travelling and science! I am an environmentalist and a supporter of WWF and Greenpeace.

Marco Silipo

Marco Silipo

Now introducing…

Kile  a first year PhD student working in the Human Dendritic Cell Lab.

His PhD is focused on identifying dendritic cell subsets using nCounter gene expression technology. His first objective is to develop gene signatures for identification of our cell subsets in healthy blood and skin for the purpose of mapping dendritic cell lineage. The second aim of his project is to discover any changes in gene expression associated with the development of post-transplantation complication; Graft-versus-Host Disease, which he will then compare with the gene expression changes associated with other inflammatory skin diseases.

When we asked what he likes to do in his spare time…?

I have been a keen skier and snowboarder for a few years and since moving up to Newcastle I have recently taken up surfing too.

Kile Green

Kile Green


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